Tour description

The excursion to Vulcano starts at 8.30 am leaving from the port of Cefal├╣, and after about 3 hours and 30 minutes of navigation you arrive at Vulcano.

The tour of the island starts from the Port of Levante, well known for its fumaroles and its thermal springs. Continuing the tour to the north-west, we arrive at the peninsula of Vulcanello and then, just past the canal that divides Vulcano from Lipari and heading south, we arrive at the splendid Grotta del Cavallo characterized by fantastic plays of light. Continuing we arrive at Faro di Gelso and then return to Porto di Levante.

During the tour of the island there will be brief stops for the bath. In the bay of Porto di Ponente there is a small lake surrounded by sulphurous hills from which there is the emission of hot water shower heads: these are open-air spas where natural mud can be made. Emerging from the pond you can rinse in the sea where there are underwater springs of thermal water.

The waters of this pond are particularly suitable for the treatment of rheumatism and skin diseases. After disembarking you will have time to visit the island, to have lunch and taste the famous Malvasia granita. In the afternoon we will leave towards Cefal├╣.