Tour description

The ancient geographers and historians called it Ustica, that relic of an extinct volcano. For the Greeks, however, was Osteodes = ‘ossuary or bone island’ to the human remains of deportation Carthaginian mercenaries mutineers, who will find the death by starvation and thirst. Or, according to mythology, the bones of the unfortunate sailors who remained enchanted by the bewitching voices of sirens, sitting on the heights overlooking the sea, and whose melodious song was losing his mind to unwary sailors, who ended up crashing against jagged rocks. But ‘The Island of Bones’ also refers. But ‘The Island of Bones’ also refers to the identification, by some scholars, with the island of EEA, lonely abode of the powerful witch Circe, who turned into animals sailors who dared to approach her.

Our journey begins at 8:30 am from the port of Cefalu and after about two hours and half of navigation we reach the island and after a swim in the beautiful blue waters begin to circumnavigate.

Starting from the port of Cala Santa Maria in a southerly direction, you encounter the first caves, the Riviera, the Academy, the boats and the thunder ones. We arrive in Punta Cavazzi, one of the most scenic place of island, continuing we get close to ‘Punta dello Spalmatore’ where the area A begin (the reserve full of water around the coast) and the Tower Spalmatore. Going and coming close to ‘Punta Megna’ the ‘Scoglio del Medico’ is in sight, whose legend tell that a Saracen king leave there to starve his doctor because he had been unable to heal her daughter.

For lovers of the underwater world you can arrange diving excursions to see the beautiful waters rich in flora and fauna. Then we will disembark on the island for lunch in typical local restaurants. After lunch, and after a break for shopping, again on board to make way back to the port of Cefal├╣.