Tour description

The trip to Stromboli, an excursion is given to people who truly love the sea and who are prepared for any sacrifice.

The journey begins at 8.30 with departure from the port of Cefal├╣. After about 3 hours and 30 minutes by boat will arrive at Stromboli. While browsing move around Salina and Panarea. The tour of the island of Stromboli starts from the beach ‘Scari’ characterized by pebbles, from the boat you can see the beautiful beach of fine black sand ‘Ficogrande’. During the journey we will pass in front of the fire trail side from which you can admire the Strombolian activity.

Once ashore you can admire the beauties of the farthest of the Aeolian islands, until recently also without electricity. Proceeding with the island tour, you arrive in the south-west of Stromboli where is Ginostra: this fraction has the smallest port in the world which is called Port Pertuso is only accessible by sea through the port. In Ginostra live only 50 people, you travel on foot and, as in ancient times, the objects are transported by mules (scecchi). Once in Ginostra through the steps, you arrive at the church of San Vincenzo from which you can enjoy a splendid panorama.

When the volcano erupts, the residents of Ginostra are made evacuate because close to fire trial.

In the afternoon we’ll go back to Cefal├╣.