Tour description

Our excursion starts at 8.30 am with departure from the port of Cefal├╣.

After traveling about 50 mg nautical and after about 3 hours we will arrive in Salina.

The tour of the island is undoubtedly one of the excursions that should not be missed among those made available in Salina. In fact by sea it is possible to admire many rocky walls, coastal areas, beaches and inhabited centers with the typical white houses of the place. . As a first stop on the tour you find yourself in Scoglio Cacato, an area where the sea is particularly transparent and crystalline. We continue with the tour of the island until we reach Punta Perciato, a suggestive arch created in the volcanic rock of the promontory, shone over time by the sea and the wind.

Leaving the Punta Perciato behind you arrive at the Faraglione di Pollara: Pollara is one of the two hamlets of the municipality of Malfa. Pollara is the place where the film ‘IL POSTINO’ was filmed with the great MASSIMO TROISI.

At Pollara we will stop for an hour or so for a refreshing bath.

For lunch we will disembark on the island where you will have time to have lunch and go shopping, not forgetting to buy the famous capers, cucunci and the very good Malvasia.

In the afternoon all aboard and after a new short swim we will leave for Cefal├╣.