Cefalù coast to coast

Tour description

The route start from the port of Cefalù and continues to the beautiful waterfront, along this route you can admire the beauty of the country seen from the sea. After a brief stop we continue along the seafront up to the impressive tower of ‘St Lucia.

Overcoming it arrives on the beach of ‘mazzaforno’ where you can stop for a dive. Ends entertainments we will resume the path towards the other side of Cefalù coast, passing through the pitfalls of ‘Kalura’, continuing for the seafront of ‘Sant’Amrbogio’, up to the beautiful hollow of Valtur village, a real natural swimming pool (in good time of course).

After a long pause on, our journey ends by returning to the port of Cefalù focusing, before returning, on the ‘Kalura’ beach where the more adventurous can try some dive from the rocks.

N.B. The duration of the excursion is 2 hours, each subsequent hour will be charged at € 200 per hour