Tour description

The Island of Filicudi, thanks to the beauty of its lands and the splendor of its sea, has been included in the UNESCO List of World Heritage Sites. Our journey begins at 8.30 am with departure from the port of Cefal├╣. after about 1 hour and 40 minutes we will arrive in Filicudi.

Going around the island it is possible to admire the natural wonders that characterize Filicudi: jagged cysts, beautiful grottoes among which the most famous is that of the Bue Marino, stacks and very suggestive inlets. The Grotta del Bue is undoubtedly the most beautiful cave on the island of Filicudi.

It is located near Punta Perciato and inside the cave you can admire plays of light in the water and particularly suggestive noises.

Not far from the Bue Marino cave, there is the Faraglione La Canna (about 85 meters high), in a point where there are particularly clear and crystalline waters that create a splendid contrast to see. This area is in fact much loved by divers for fish and lobster fishing. After a break of a couple of hours for the bath, we will disembark on the island where we will have the chance to taste the unique dishes of the ‘lawyer’.

In the afternoon we will leave for Cefal├╣.