Tour description

The island of Alicudi is distracted at the sight of the visitor, as a large and regular volcanic cone that check from the sea. But that feeling is quickly disproved once you reach the island: narrow paths and steep climb along the sides of the island to the discovery of unspoiled corners of paradise, where you can admire one of the most beautiful scenery in the world. Circumnavigating the island we can admire the Scoglio Galera, where water is more crystalline, and the Sciara dell’Arpa a valley which, from the top of Mount Filo dell’Arpa reaches the seabed.

Our journey begins with departure from the port of Cefalù at 8.00 and traveling at a cruising speed of about 20 knots to get Alicudi around 9.30.

We will make a slow tour around the island to enjoy the wonders of the island where it is still traveling at the back of donkey. After a break for a beautiful dive at 13.00 ashore on the island for lunch at the restaurant and unique characteristic Ericusa where we can enjoy delicious fish dishes.

After lunch a short walk.

At 17.00 we board again to head for Cefalù where during the trip, with a bit of luck, we will enjoy even dolphins. Arrival 19.00 after having traveled a total of 70 mg nautical.